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Makes math fun to learn and easy to teach for grades 1 through 9.


pad9th Grade Math and Up

Kaidy products meet or exceed specialized grant/funding requirements for innovative teaching tools, hands-on activities for students, direct inservice or training sessions for educators and multi-adaptable manipulatives/teaching activities. 

Programs using Kaidy products include on-grade-level math curriculums, homeschool curriculums, Montessori, special populations needs such as Special Education and English as a Second Language curriculums, and tutorial/at-risk students in programs such as HOSTS (Help One Student To Succeed).

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Flash Card -- Addition Flash Card -- Subtraction Flash Card -- Multiplication Flash Card -- Division




Witzzle Puzzle Act. Book
FracDivide Activity Booklet
FracDivide Resource Booklet
FraCard Resources Book

Witzzle Pro Game
Tangram Fever
Overhead Pattern Blocks
Basic AlgebraMulti

Understanding Algebra
Understanding Equations
Understanding Exponents
Understanding Fractions

Understanding Graphing
Understanding Integers
Understanding Measurement
Understanding Percent

Understanding Probability


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