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Makes math fun to learn and easy to teach for grades 1 through 9.



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Free Puzzles to Print:
Witzzle Lite
Witzzle Puzzle Generator
More Ways 001
Numbers Insert 001
Mini Decimal Witzzle
Mini Fraction Witzzle
Mini Number Witzzle
Algebra 1:   2 = 1 ?
Algebra 2:   2 = 1 ?
Magic of  355 ?113
Magic of  1 2 3
Magic of  4 2 1
Magic of  9 3 2 1
Short Cut Fun
Witgo Game
Witzzle Jr Puzzle
Witzzle Pro Puzzle
Witzzle Puzzle
Math puzzles offer fun way to reinforce basic skills.  Improve number sense and problem solving with fascinating  puzzles!
Attention!  Newspapers, Magazines, School Publications!  Kaidy will authorize free limited publication permission for use of our samples/puzzles.  Our only requirement is that you send us a copy of your publication within 30 days of its publication date. (See Contact Us page for address.)

Educators! You are authorized to make copies for your personal classroom use only. 



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